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Jermaine Malone

Hailing from gospel choirs in the midwest, Jermaine Malone co-founded The Kinky Brothers when he landed in Oregon in 2008.  As a professional singer and full-time entertainer for the majority of his life, Jermaine’s charismatic energy and passion for music is a dynamic force to witness on stage. From smooth and sultry R&B croonings, to high-speed lyrical flow and Hip-Hop free-stylings, Jermaine’s main joy is bringing a smile to your face and a shake to your hips.  You can regularly catch him performing all around Portland as a solo loop-artist.

Wil Koehnke

Lead Guitar, Vocals
Also known by stage name, Wil Kinky, this virtuosic guitarist and vocalist has made quite the standing for himself in the Portland music community. A guitarist since 13, co-founder of The Kinky Brothers, a professional solo artist, and the ever-active gun-for-hire, Wil makes music his life.  If Tom Waits and Ray Lamontagne had a love-child while listening to Queens of the Stone Age, something similar to Wil Kinky would have been the result.  When not busy gigging and recording, Wil is a private music tutor. Catch Wil’s alt-soulful blues many nights of the week.

Christopher Friesen

Christopher’s journey started with several years studying pop, jazz, choral, world and electronic music. After school he continues to hone his craft by developing a solid presence in Portland, touring abroad as a bassist and recording albums of songs. He spends much of his time as a musical coach. As an entertainer he tease’s the camera in ensembles of Soul, Rock n’ Roll and Dance. His artistry produces stylings of Electronica and Folk with rich pairings of poetry. You can find more of his agenda at

Jon VanCura

Guitar, Sax, Flute, Vocals
Raised on classic rock and educated in jazz and soul, Jon VanCura’s music is a blend of danceable grooves, sing-along hooks and tight arrangements. From solo acoustic to rock trio to full band with horns and hip-hop guest artists, Jon VanCura’s music appeals to a wide range of tastes.  A founding member of The Kinky Brothers in 2008, and member of MarchFourth Marching Band, Jon keeps a fun and full musical calendar. 

Shook Black

At the tender age of 4, Shook began his musical journey. He’s since flourished in the PDX music scene, soon to be embarking as an international touring artist.  Being one of the only freelance drummers who plays with multiple bands in almost every genre of music, Shook maintains his eclectic nature on and off stage including being part of the KINKY BROTHERS, a melting pot of music and talent.

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